Take a Trip To Flavortown With Guy Fieri's New Sauces That Taste Good On Literally Everything

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As the self-proclaimed Mayor of Flavortown, Guy Fieri knows a thing or two about packing tons of flavor into even the simplest recipes. Now, you can do the same right at home. The restaurateur and Emmy award-winner teamed up with condiment company Litehouse to craft nine mouth-watering sauces that will taste good on anything you smother it on.

"I'm known by my family as the King of Condiments," raves Fieri, so much so that he even has a second fridge to house his vast assortment of sauces. But his creations with Litehouse are so much more than just condiments; they deliver major flavor, too.

"What is mayonnaise to a sandwich? Mayonnaise is typically just adding moisture. Mayonnaise doesn't really have any flavor." Can't argue with you there, Guy. "But I want mayonnaise +++," says Fieri, and that's the origin of his famous Donkey Sauce. "I said, let's make a sauce that really fortifies, that really has a reason to be on the burger, on the sandwich, in the dip," says Fieri. From there, the ideas for the rest of his sauce lineup just kept coming.

The possibilities with these sauces are endless, too. They can be used as a marinade, dipping sauce, or as a way to add some extra flavor onto a burger bun. One unusual suspect for the sauces? "I'm a big veggie fan. And veggies are really a great platform to work from," says Fieri. Yup, just cut up your veggies, lightly season them with olive oil, salt, and pepper, roast them at 425 degrees on a cookie rack (that's Fieri's secret for crisping up every inch of your vegetables), and toss them in the sauce of your choice. How's that for finding a way to finally enjoy your veggies?

"The idea is not to cover up the natural flavors of what we're cooking but the idea is to accentuate them." But we guarantee you'll want to smother whatever you've made in these sauces, that's how delicious they are.

You can find Flavortown Sauces at Walmart, just in time to kick off grilling season.

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Flavortown Sauce

Packaged up in a convenient squeeze tube, you can choose from nine delicious sauces to spice up your cooking: Famous Donkey Sauce (an upgraded aioli), Top Secret Sauce (a chili-infused garlic mustard), Honey Mustard Sauce (sweet and tangy mustard), Poppin Jalapeño Sauce (creamy aioli with jalapeños), Kickin' Chipotle Sauce (a blend of smoky spices), Smokin' Hickory BBQ Sauce (sweet, smoky, and tangy), Mop Sauce BBQ Sauce (chile, spices, molasses, and mustard blend), Carolina Style BBQ Sauce (sweet and savory), Money Honey BBQ Sauce (honey, brown sugar, and tomato).


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We asked Guy Fieri what a must-have kitchen essential is and the answer is so simple it's surprising. "This is really cutting edge information, and I'm only gonna tell you … a pepper grinder. A good one," jokes Fieri. "Really good pepper grinders and fresh cracked black pepper is to me, quintessential." That's because pre-ground pepper loses a lot of its amazing flavor. "I literally have 10 pepper grinders."

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Take a Trip To Flavortown With Guy Fieri's New Sauces That Taste Good On Literally Everything


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